Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Good Day peeps!

It has been nearly a week not updating the blog. Anyhow, I'm fine, thank you. It just busy linger around and shop all the way. It's pay time anyway. I just love to shop! Ha! Got this idea since I've been busy last week and going to Seri Kembangan area. Which is not a familiar area for me. It is normal to lost plus having a very 'usable map' besides me which is my sista, Syabila.

Ok, what you need to do if you lost while driving?

Which way?
1) Signboards
All of us realized that there are a lot of signboards all the way at the highway or any roads. It just that some of us not using it wisely. What I mean wisely? Yeah.. We blabber all the way while driving just because we got lost. Peeps, don't panic! If you lost, find the nearest place to the actual place that you wanna go. Example: You wanna go to Shah Alam, but there is not signboard direction to Shah Alam. So the nearest is Sunway or Subang. Ain't that easy? Oh.. Too bad if you do not know the nearest place. Anyway, if you already in the Highway, well try to find a way to make a U-turn unless it is a right direction. Do not afraid of highways.

2) GPS
I bet all of us have a GPS. But sometimes GPS not functioning well. Why I said this? Because there some people reading on the other side like Yani. One more thing, don't trust your phone GPS too much. They are not designed to be very intelligent. Get yourselves the actual GPS.

3) Follow your instinct
Lastly just follow your instinct. Anyway, you must be a bit good with instinct (I am!). hat I do if I am lost, I will drive straight. Just follow the main road. You will lead to a right direction. Trust me.. It just the matter of you will be arrive a bit later or earlier.

You can try those. Or maybe you have any other options? Who knows.. Let's share..