Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect list

Good Evening All,

I was texting with my bestfriend just now talking about about something. Suddenly it remind me that I have a list of guy that I love to be with. So, in this entry I would like to reveal that women or even girls have a list of so called 'dream guy' that we think 'perfect'!

We knew that there is no perfect person in this whole world. Yet still we have a list of it. Where do we get the list? Novels (Of course there are a lot of perfect guys in it), anime (Usually Japanese anime), movies (Especially Korean movies or drama) and the last one is a guy that we meet that we think he is perfect or nearly perfect.

Find someone who will pat you head

Guys, it is just a list. We believe that you guys even have a few other list for women of your dream. What kind of guy is in our list? We tend to think something that is out of the box. Maybe a sweet yet cold guy? Or maybe a sweet engineer (why engineer? They are cool..Haha!) with cute looking face?

If you fall in love, you willing to accept the person for the who she/ he is. For better and for the worst, you will happy to bear with it. Even there is a person guy, he must be looking for a perfect lady. Anyhow, there is no such perfect person in this world. Yet, if he find a perfect lady, is it the perfect guy is perfect enough for the lady?