Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annoying things in Facebook (FB)

Bonjour readers!

I just reached the office since the last few hours. Then jenguk- jenguk Facebook helai demi helai. Jump from one page to another. From friend A to friend Z. Yup2! Have lots of friends and yet ada kawan- kawan yang tak kenal. And I wonder, when is it I approved all these people. Then tangan mula gatal nak men-delete mereka yang tak dikenali. Sorry Strangers.. My mom does not allow me to talk to strangers. Ape lagi nak add jadi kawan dalam Facebook. Since I am a good daughter (Ngeee..), I have to delete all those people that I do not know. Folks, I am not friendly OK.

I believe that almost 90% of us have Facebook. Even my 9 years old cousin owned a Facebook account. So better not to bluff when you are almost 3 decades age have none of Facebook account (Well, I know someone who has no FB account). But, some people did a things that make other people that can read their post and everything annoyed! Korang pernah tak rasa kena block dengan kawan- kawan or even kena remove terus dari friend list? (Of cause me never.. Cause my friends love me a lot..).

Anyway these entry specially dedicated to those who have been removed or being block by their Facebook (virtual maybe?) friend. Why we did that to you? Not because we hate you.. But your post and status updates annoyed us!

Silent please!

1. Updating status every 5 minutes.
There are a lot of people out there doing this. I am not sure why they need to keep updating their status every now and then. Your friends will understand if once in a blue moon you are updating your status every 5 minutes. But if you keep doing it everyday and every second, people will hate it. It's annoy us!. Jangan la korang nak masuk tandas sebab sakit perut pun nak update status kat Facebook. The whole world do not need you to update all those nonsense since you are nobody to the world. Hello pal, if you are updating this only for one person, why not you guys just SMS that person. Anyway sorry to say gorgeous ladies, most of the time, ladies doing this update status for every 5 minutes (See, I tell ya I am not sexist).

I love you... I miss you (Uwekk!)

2. Hubby- wifey lovey- dovey thingy.
OK2. We knew you guys are very lovey- dovey married couple. But you don't have to post it in you FB. Cause it's annoy us as well. Single people like us feel like you don't have to show your lovey- dovey thingy in public. Guys, FB is public although you already make it private. Example of the status that makes people annoy, "Mr. H: I miss you :(" (Of course Mr. H bukan nama sebenar). Dear couples, if you really miss your spouse, just call them. Oh! Maybe you do not have credit or line being barred from calling or SMS, but you have email too. Even Facebook provide you with enough facilities whereby you can chat with your spouse. What the hell you need to tell the world that you miss you spouse? OK. The world may think you are so sweet.. But it's annoy single friends in your Facebook! Again ladies, you are doing this..

Wink! Wink!

3. Tag your friends in your photo.
Some people might loves your daring and sexy photos. Aaaa... guys love this kind of photo I guess. Maybe you can tag your guy friends. But most of us hate it when you tagged us in your photo. Because our photo album will become chaotic and it takes time for us to do the spring cleaning which we do not have enough time in our 24 hours clock since we are busy to earn money and blogging. Remember my previous post? I said we need to earn money since we have a lot of things to do with the cash. See.. We know that you are super hot and love to wear super sexy skirts but please do not tag us. It's enough to annoy us. Not because we are not hot, but I cool is preferable than hot.

What do you think ladies and sweet guys? Any other things that makes you feel annoy?