Friday, June 10, 2011

Women vs $$$

Heyya beautiful ladies and arrogant guys!

Yeah... This is my first post yet I am not new to all this blog thingy. Oh ya, I prefer people call me Syazerc. It is so like me. I'm counting days to 25th every month since it is a payday. Who on earth hate money? Even 4 years old kids pun hari- hari minta duit. Who else in this whole world can live without money? I just read one of the entry written by Mr. K which is salah satu ayat dia cakap, "Perempuan dan duit tak boleh nak dipisahkan". OK. Not trying to be sexist yeah.. But man too love money a lot!

Anyway ladies out there (Not me..) do need a lot of things to do with their cash (Err..I said their cash..). So ladies, I am trying to spill out why all of you (Again not me..) need a lot of cash or maybe credit card?

Banyaknye baju.. Excited!

1. Every month all these beautiful friend of mine need new outfit.
If these ladies buy a dress, they need to have a pair of new shoes as well. If they want to have a pair of shoe, they need to go around the whole shopping mall first. All the to find a perfect shoes, they already eye-ing for a few pairs of shoes. Isn't it will end up to 3-4 new shoes per month? Since they already have a few pair of new shoes, one dress is not enough, so they decide to get another cute dress in a quite (quite?) classy boutique. These is why they need to have a lot of money.

2. All these cute ladies (Of course not me..) love to doll up.
You won't believe me right? There have a lot of collection of mascara, lipstics, eyeliners and even lip gloss. From the cheapest brand that maybe they get FREE to the expensive one maybe Dior? Or MAC? Or whatever brand that I can't think of. They need a lot of colors too.. That why they need to buy it maybe every 2 months once? Maybe? I don't know since I am not using it.

Nyum Nyum!

3. Fine Dine/ cakes/ chocs @ etc
Yeah2! I admit this one. We ladies believe that we need to treat ourselves good since we are working hard to earn money. And this is one of a million way we treat ourselves. Yeah.. Again I admit we will keep on talking about diet thingy, but we just love foods so much too! As much as we love sweet guys, we love sweet things too. Treating ourselves a slice of cake is giving no harm to us. All this we need cash just because we are not willing to make our mans feel the burden because you guys need to treat us expensive foods.

Enuff said, we earn money to enjoy ourselves and to pamper ourselves. Memang duit dan perempuan tak boleh dipisahkan sebab kita duduk atas dunia ni memang bergantung atas duit. Nak minum air masak pun bayar tau?