Monday, July 4, 2011

Friends vs bestfriends

Happy Independence day US! And hello Malaysians!

Just came back from my hometown to this 'Kota Batu' after going through jammed. It was nice in kampung and feel like not going back here. Yet, there are a lot of obligations and things to do back here. Haihh! (I wish I can stay a lot longer..). Aha! Someone makes me smile today and feel like grinning for the whole day (Ngeee...). Thanks anyway!

Be my bestfriend forever..

I believe that all of us having a bunch of friends! Even in FB we may have thousands of friends! (I wonder if people really have thousands of friends..). Some friends is a virtual friends, and some is the actual friends. Why I call it actual friends? Because you see the person and you can hang out together. Though sometimes they are not always by your side, but when you go where else, there's a friends that you can hang out with. Friends vs bestfriends..

We may have lots of friends, yet we maybe have a few bestfriends.. How do we know that the person is your bestfriend? (I have a few bestfriends from my Uni time.. And I am thankful feel like being bless cause I have them in my life!). There are a lot of differences between both friends! Let see..

Friends may be with you when you are in a good condition. They happily hang out with you, shop with you til you drop and having a good karaoke session with you at your leisure time. Yet, a bestfriends will come to you when you are really need a shoulder. They will hold you so that you will not fall and they may cry together with you so that you will feel at ease. They will shop with you but they won't let you drop! And they won't choose to have fun at karaoke as they wish to sit back at the starbuck's just to listen to all your stories and some munchies..

Friends will ask you to have fun at any restaurant or maybe movies. Yet a bestfriends will come to your house or invite you to their house, do some pillow talk and having fun trying a new recipe. As bestfriends just need you around them as you are the main happiness for them.

Friends is someone that you will see everyday but you won't keep in touch with them once they are not around. But a bestfriends is someone that you will always keep in touch though how far apart you are. You will always care if they are updating some strange status in their Facebook and you will straight away call them instead of giving comments.

I know you love me...

Friends is just a friends like an outsiders living in a same room. But a bestfriends is someone that you treat like a family, a sisters where they know every single things that happen to you. They will never get boring listening to your love stories and keep on asking about it when you are no longer telling them your stories. They will cry with you and will hug you just to let you know that you not alone when you are at the most difficult time. A bestfriends is someone that you need the most when you are at you lowest and hope that person is by your side. And bestfriends is someone that will never admit that they love you so much yet they really care and love you sincerely from their heart. To my bestfriends, I love you all so much from the bottom of my heart..

Feel like calling you bestfriends? Please do..

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Pleasant weekend all!

Doing nothing and thinking what I need to write today and it makes me remind of something that quite harsh for me. Naa... Not that harsh actually. Talking about 'jodoh' or mate or mr and mrs. right or maybe your true love. Ha! Forgot to mention that I stay up late last night just because I am watching Asmara 2 online. I never thought that it is kinda interesting Malay drama. Well, it gives me an idea to talk about all this 'jodoh' things.

I love you

Orang tua2 selalu tanya, "bila nak kawin? Jiran sebelah rumah tu dah dapat cucu dah pun..". It is typical. All of us in this world has been given a partner right before we born. We live as a pair. Even if you are already get marry, doesn't mean mean that you found the right one since you might got divorce. No one hoping for this but it is true. How many people get divorce just because they found someone else? Sometimes we are in love and we pray that the person is our soulmate. What happen next, a few months after both of you break up. No one fall in love and wish to break up. Yet, maybe Allah give you a chance only to that extend.

"Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah. Since He know what's best for us"

Sometimes Allah let us meet someone who is not right for us so that we will appreciate someone who will come after. Yet sometimes, He make us meet someone else for us to appreciate everyone around us. Maksudnya kat sini, Allah nak kita bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada since as a human we always forget our root.

When talking about jodoh, everyone that we meet in our daily life is a jodoh. Sebab tu orang selalu cakap, ada jodoh kite jumpa lagi. But we Malay, always think out of the bound. It good to think that way, yet friends, families and even enemies is jodoh which is in other word, we are meant to meet each other. Who said we will
meet someone from next door? Person from next door turn left and you turn right if Allah do not wish you both meeting with each other.
I do

When talking about jodoh, it is something wide which not only focus on meeting a soulmate. However, if we are talking about soulmate, it maybe someone who will be right by your side until the end. People getting marry and said that they found their 'jodoh' which is not exactly right yet it is not wrong either. A couple, broke up and they have someone else. Yet in the end, the couple get married to each other. Maybe the reason why the other person is exist because they are meant to meet with each other but maybe just as a friend. Memang betul jodoh dah ditetapkan, but someone said still we need to find our jodoh. If duduk rumah 24/7, maybe jodoh tak sampai jugak. In order untuk jumpa jodoh, kita kena berusaha since Islam sendiri nak kita berusaha. Any ideas on this since I am not sure either ,whether I have met my one?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Good Day peeps!

It has been nearly a week not updating the blog. Anyhow, I'm fine, thank you. It just busy linger around and shop all the way. It's pay time anyway. I just love to shop! Ha! Got this idea since I've been busy last week and going to Seri Kembangan area. Which is not a familiar area for me. It is normal to lost plus having a very 'usable map' besides me which is my sista, Syabila.

Ok, what you need to do if you lost while driving?

Which way?
1) Signboards
All of us realized that there are a lot of signboards all the way at the highway or any roads. It just that some of us not using it wisely. What I mean wisely? Yeah.. We blabber all the way while driving just because we got lost. Peeps, don't panic! If you lost, find the nearest place to the actual place that you wanna go. Example: You wanna go to Shah Alam, but there is not signboard direction to Shah Alam. So the nearest is Sunway or Subang. Ain't that easy? Oh.. Too bad if you do not know the nearest place. Anyway, if you already in the Highway, well try to find a way to make a U-turn unless it is a right direction. Do not afraid of highways.

2) GPS
I bet all of us have a GPS. But sometimes GPS not functioning well. Why I said this? Because there some people reading on the other side like Yani. One more thing, don't trust your phone GPS too much. They are not designed to be very intelligent. Get yourselves the actual GPS.

3) Follow your instinct
Lastly just follow your instinct. Anyway, you must be a bit good with instinct (I am!). hat I do if I am lost, I will drive straight. Just follow the main road. You will lead to a right direction. Trust me.. It just the matter of you will be arrive a bit later or earlier.

You can try those. Or maybe you have any other options? Who knows.. Let's share..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect list

Good Evening All,

I was texting with my bestfriend just now talking about about something. Suddenly it remind me that I have a list of guy that I love to be with. So, in this entry I would like to reveal that women or even girls have a list of so called 'dream guy' that we think 'perfect'!

We knew that there is no perfect person in this whole world. Yet still we have a list of it. Where do we get the list? Novels (Of course there are a lot of perfect guys in it), anime (Usually Japanese anime), movies (Especially Korean movies or drama) and the last one is a guy that we meet that we think he is perfect or nearly perfect.

Find someone who will pat you head

Guys, it is just a list. We believe that you guys even have a few other list for women of your dream. What kind of guy is in our list? We tend to think something that is out of the box. Maybe a sweet yet cold guy? Or maybe a sweet engineer (why engineer? They are cool..Haha!) with cute looking face?

If you fall in love, you willing to accept the person for the who she/ he is. For better and for the worst, you will happy to bear with it. Even there is a person guy, he must be looking for a perfect lady. Anyhow, there is no such perfect person in this world. Yet, if he find a perfect lady, is it the perfect guy is perfect enough for the lady?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

YES.. We care

Wonderful Sunday morning!

I remember one of my friend said that her husband friend said she's a QUEEN CONTROL. Well, it's not good to label people as you wish. Guys out there, there is a reasons why women asking you something. Not because we are QUEEN CONTROL.. The truth is, if we are really QUEEN CONTROL, you guys even can't come out from the house. Yes! In our mind, that is QUEEN CONTROL. Other than that? It's a NO- NO!

Usually we will ask you where the heck are you right now? What time you will come back? Why is it take you so long at your friends house? Have you eaten? For us ladies, this is a common questions. No harm at all. Even we'll be asking this kind of questions to our friends!

We love you

We ask because we CARE. We just wanna know where have you been just in case anything happen we can find you there if we unable to reach your phone (Since guys always giving a lame excuse like we can't hear the phone ringing, no coverage, dear..). This is just for emergency case. Why is it afraid to tell us where the heck are you? No harm since we won't come and join you and your friends! If you are afraid to tell us, maybe because you have another US, huh?

We might be asking you because we need something. We need you to buy something on your way back home. Because we ladies (not me!) are melting when the weather out there is too hot.

I'm melting....

And we do not want to waste the car gas since nowadays it keep on increasing every now and then. See.. Don't you guys think we are good enough to help you guys by not wasting money for fuel? Though we (not me!) likes shopping, but we don't like shopping at petrol pump. Guys, do keep this in mind OK..

We are asking you have you eaten? In case you are not yet eat, we will be waiting for you. Since we are very loyal to you, it is OK for us to wait for you until 12 am mid nite for dinner (Though it will ruin our diet!). We will wait if you want us to wait since it is no harm for us. Unlike you guys who will be complaining that you need to wait for us for half an hour just because we (not me..) need to do our make up thingy. We did our make up things because of you guys. Because we want others think you have a very cute wife or girlfriends. Guys, don't we considerate enough?

Better not to think bad towards us since we have a very good intention. Appreciate us while you can. Don't you guys think you guys being blessed for having us in your life?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annoying things in Facebook (FB)

Bonjour readers!

I just reached the office since the last few hours. Then jenguk- jenguk Facebook helai demi helai. Jump from one page to another. From friend A to friend Z. Yup2! Have lots of friends and yet ada kawan- kawan yang tak kenal. And I wonder, when is it I approved all these people. Then tangan mula gatal nak men-delete mereka yang tak dikenali. Sorry Strangers.. My mom does not allow me to talk to strangers. Ape lagi nak add jadi kawan dalam Facebook. Since I am a good daughter (Ngeee..), I have to delete all those people that I do not know. Folks, I am not friendly OK.

I believe that almost 90% of us have Facebook. Even my 9 years old cousin owned a Facebook account. So better not to bluff when you are almost 3 decades age have none of Facebook account (Well, I know someone who has no FB account). But, some people did a things that make other people that can read their post and everything annoyed! Korang pernah tak rasa kena block dengan kawan- kawan or even kena remove terus dari friend list? (Of cause me never.. Cause my friends love me a lot..).

Anyway these entry specially dedicated to those who have been removed or being block by their Facebook (virtual maybe?) friend. Why we did that to you? Not because we hate you.. But your post and status updates annoyed us!

Silent please!

1. Updating status every 5 minutes.
There are a lot of people out there doing this. I am not sure why they need to keep updating their status every now and then. Your friends will understand if once in a blue moon you are updating your status every 5 minutes. But if you keep doing it everyday and every second, people will hate it. It's annoy us!. Jangan la korang nak masuk tandas sebab sakit perut pun nak update status kat Facebook. The whole world do not need you to update all those nonsense since you are nobody to the world. Hello pal, if you are updating this only for one person, why not you guys just SMS that person. Anyway sorry to say gorgeous ladies, most of the time, ladies doing this update status for every 5 minutes (See, I tell ya I am not sexist).

I love you... I miss you (Uwekk!)

2. Hubby- wifey lovey- dovey thingy.
OK2. We knew you guys are very lovey- dovey married couple. But you don't have to post it in you FB. Cause it's annoy us as well. Single people like us feel like you don't have to show your lovey- dovey thingy in public. Guys, FB is public although you already make it private. Example of the status that makes people annoy, "Mr. H: I miss you :(" (Of course Mr. H bukan nama sebenar). Dear couples, if you really miss your spouse, just call them. Oh! Maybe you do not have credit or line being barred from calling or SMS, but you have email too. Even Facebook provide you with enough facilities whereby you can chat with your spouse. What the hell you need to tell the world that you miss you spouse? OK. The world may think you are so sweet.. But it's annoy single friends in your Facebook! Again ladies, you are doing this..

Wink! Wink!

3. Tag your friends in your photo.
Some people might loves your daring and sexy photos. Aaaa... guys love this kind of photo I guess. Maybe you can tag your guy friends. But most of us hate it when you tagged us in your photo. Because our photo album will become chaotic and it takes time for us to do the spring cleaning which we do not have enough time in our 24 hours clock since we are busy to earn money and blogging. Remember my previous post? I said we need to earn money since we have a lot of things to do with the cash. See.. We know that you are super hot and love to wear super sexy skirts but please do not tag us. It's enough to annoy us. Not because we are not hot, but I cool is preferable than hot.

What do you think ladies and sweet guys? Any other things that makes you feel annoy?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Women vs $$$

Heyya beautiful ladies and arrogant guys!

Yeah... This is my first post yet I am not new to all this blog thingy. Oh ya, I prefer people call me Syazerc. It is so like me. I'm counting days to 25th every month since it is a payday. Who on earth hate money? Even 4 years old kids pun hari- hari minta duit. Who else in this whole world can live without money? I just read one of the entry written by Mr. K which is salah satu ayat dia cakap, "Perempuan dan duit tak boleh nak dipisahkan". OK. Not trying to be sexist yeah.. But man too love money a lot!

Anyway ladies out there (Not me..) do need a lot of things to do with their cash (Err..I said their cash..). So ladies, I am trying to spill out why all of you (Again not me..) need a lot of cash or maybe credit card?

Banyaknye baju.. Excited!

1. Every month all these beautiful friend of mine need new outfit.
If these ladies buy a dress, they need to have a pair of new shoes as well. If they want to have a pair of shoe, they need to go around the whole shopping mall first. All the to find a perfect shoes, they already eye-ing for a few pairs of shoes. Isn't it will end up to 3-4 new shoes per month? Since they already have a few pair of new shoes, one dress is not enough, so they decide to get another cute dress in a quite (quite?) classy boutique. These is why they need to have a lot of money.

2. All these cute ladies (Of course not me..) love to doll up.
You won't believe me right? There have a lot of collection of mascara, lipstics, eyeliners and even lip gloss. From the cheapest brand that maybe they get FREE to the expensive one maybe Dior? Or MAC? Or whatever brand that I can't think of. They need a lot of colors too.. That why they need to buy it maybe every 2 months once? Maybe? I don't know since I am not using it.

Nyum Nyum!

3. Fine Dine/ cakes/ chocs @ etc
Yeah2! I admit this one. We ladies believe that we need to treat ourselves good since we are working hard to earn money. And this is one of a million way we treat ourselves. Yeah.. Again I admit we will keep on talking about diet thingy, but we just love foods so much too! As much as we love sweet guys, we love sweet things too. Treating ourselves a slice of cake is giving no harm to us. All this we need cash just because we are not willing to make our mans feel the burden because you guys need to treat us expensive foods.

Enuff said, we earn money to enjoy ourselves and to pamper ourselves. Memang duit dan perempuan tak boleh dipisahkan sebab kita duduk atas dunia ni memang bergantung atas duit. Nak minum air masak pun bayar tau?