Sunday, June 12, 2011

YES.. We care

Wonderful Sunday morning!

I remember one of my friend said that her husband friend said she's a QUEEN CONTROL. Well, it's not good to label people as you wish. Guys out there, there is a reasons why women asking you something. Not because we are QUEEN CONTROL.. The truth is, if we are really QUEEN CONTROL, you guys even can't come out from the house. Yes! In our mind, that is QUEEN CONTROL. Other than that? It's a NO- NO!

Usually we will ask you where the heck are you right now? What time you will come back? Why is it take you so long at your friends house? Have you eaten? For us ladies, this is a common questions. No harm at all. Even we'll be asking this kind of questions to our friends!

We love you

We ask because we CARE. We just wanna know where have you been just in case anything happen we can find you there if we unable to reach your phone (Since guys always giving a lame excuse like we can't hear the phone ringing, no coverage, dear..). This is just for emergency case. Why is it afraid to tell us where the heck are you? No harm since we won't come and join you and your friends! If you are afraid to tell us, maybe because you have another US, huh?

We might be asking you because we need something. We need you to buy something on your way back home. Because we ladies (not me!) are melting when the weather out there is too hot.

I'm melting....

And we do not want to waste the car gas since nowadays it keep on increasing every now and then. See.. Don't you guys think we are good enough to help you guys by not wasting money for fuel? Though we (not me!) likes shopping, but we don't like shopping at petrol pump. Guys, do keep this in mind OK..

We are asking you have you eaten? In case you are not yet eat, we will be waiting for you. Since we are very loyal to you, it is OK for us to wait for you until 12 am mid nite for dinner (Though it will ruin our diet!). We will wait if you want us to wait since it is no harm for us. Unlike you guys who will be complaining that you need to wait for us for half an hour just because we (not me..) need to do our make up thingy. We did our make up things because of you guys. Because we want others think you have a very cute wife or girlfriends. Guys, don't we considerate enough?

Better not to think bad towards us since we have a very good intention. Appreciate us while you can. Don't you guys think you guys being blessed for having us in your life?