Saturday, July 2, 2011


Pleasant weekend all!

Doing nothing and thinking what I need to write today and it makes me remind of something that quite harsh for me. Naa... Not that harsh actually. Talking about 'jodoh' or mate or mr and mrs. right or maybe your true love. Ha! Forgot to mention that I stay up late last night just because I am watching Asmara 2 online. I never thought that it is kinda interesting Malay drama. Well, it gives me an idea to talk about all this 'jodoh' things.

I love you

Orang tua2 selalu tanya, "bila nak kawin? Jiran sebelah rumah tu dah dapat cucu dah pun..". It is typical. All of us in this world has been given a partner right before we born. We live as a pair. Even if you are already get marry, doesn't mean mean that you found the right one since you might got divorce. No one hoping for this but it is true. How many people get divorce just because they found someone else? Sometimes we are in love and we pray that the person is our soulmate. What happen next, a few months after both of you break up. No one fall in love and wish to break up. Yet, maybe Allah give you a chance only to that extend.

"Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah. Since He know what's best for us"

Sometimes Allah let us meet someone who is not right for us so that we will appreciate someone who will come after. Yet sometimes, He make us meet someone else for us to appreciate everyone around us. Maksudnya kat sini, Allah nak kita bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada since as a human we always forget our root.

When talking about jodoh, everyone that we meet in our daily life is a jodoh. Sebab tu orang selalu cakap, ada jodoh kite jumpa lagi. But we Malay, always think out of the bound. It good to think that way, yet friends, families and even enemies is jodoh which is in other word, we are meant to meet each other. Who said we will
meet someone from next door? Person from next door turn left and you turn right if Allah do not wish you both meeting with each other.
I do

When talking about jodoh, it is something wide which not only focus on meeting a soulmate. However, if we are talking about soulmate, it maybe someone who will be right by your side until the end. People getting marry and said that they found their 'jodoh' which is not exactly right yet it is not wrong either. A couple, broke up and they have someone else. Yet in the end, the couple get married to each other. Maybe the reason why the other person is exist because they are meant to meet with each other but maybe just as a friend. Memang betul jodoh dah ditetapkan, but someone said still we need to find our jodoh. If duduk rumah 24/7, maybe jodoh tak sampai jugak. In order untuk jumpa jodoh, kita kena berusaha since Islam sendiri nak kita berusaha. Any ideas on this since I am not sure either ,whether I have met my one?